Filipino Native Food · Kakanin

Binalay ng Isabela

Loading… Binalay Recipe ng Isabela Serves 10 Ingredients: 4 Cups glutinous rice flour 1/2 Cup water 4 Cups coconut milk 1 Cup water 1 1 /2 Cups brown sugar Banana leaves Instructions: WRAPPED STICKY RICE In a large bowl, Combine and add the glutinous rice flour and water. Stir it well. Combine flour mixture until… Continue reading Binalay ng Isabela

Chicken Recipes

Piaparan Manok (Maranao Delicacy)

Loading… Piaparan Manok is A Maranao Delicacy and a Halal food. It is a dish of creamy curried chicken with grated coconut or sapal ng niyog, plus herbs and spices. This is so yummy! You gotta try this recipe soon. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions please! Ingredients: ½ kilo ng… Continue reading Piaparan Manok (Maranao Delicacy)