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Japanese Shoyu Ramen Style

Loading… Post Views: 25,343 This is a simple style of a Japanese Shoyu Ramen and inspired from the original. Because most of us may not have an easy access to Japanese ingredients. This recipe is simplified to what most Filipinos can afford or what is commonly available in our groceries. You may find some of… Continue reading Japanese Shoyu Ramen Style

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Japanese Kaki Fry Recipe (Deep fried Oyster)

Loading… Post Views: 22,575 This Japanese Kaki Fry Recipe (Deep fried Oyster) is like a golden oyster nuggets, crunchy on the outside and succulent on the inside. While others will describe it as simple as a breaded large oysters, deep fried in oil. With a final caption of “Crazy delicious!” You can’t go wrong with… Continue reading Japanese Kaki Fry Recipe (Deep fried Oyster)

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Japanese Melon Pan

Loading… Post Views: 15,549 Japanese Melon pan is a Japanese pastry dessert. Crunchy on the outside and soft in the yummy! It’s as good as you can imagine it could be. You can slice it in the center and sandwich with a some matcha, vanilla or chocolate ice cream and drizzle with your favorite… Continue reading Japanese Melon Pan