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Ginisang Bunga ng Malunggay (Hagud or Agud)

Post Views: 22,972 Ginisang Bunga ng Malunggay (Hagud or Agud) Sauteed Moringa Fruit In kapampangan they call it Hagud or Agud. Another native vegetable recipe that is very nutritious and healthy for your family. Vegetable recipes are surely a family goal recipe for long life. Keep a a habit of eating vegetables and be healthy… Continue reading Ginisang Bunga ng Malunggay (Hagud or Agud)

Filipino Native Food

Burong Isda ng Pampanga

Post Views: 18,541 Hardcore Kapampangan Food.. Burong Isda Recipe Ingredients: Tilapia or Catfish Fillet Cooked Rice Rock Salt Fermenting Instructions: Sterilized your container to prevent unhealthy bacteria from contaminating the “Buro”. Wash fish and rub with salt. Let the juice drip away. Cook the rice and let it cool, season with a tsp of salt to… Continue reading Burong Isda ng Pampanga

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Tibok-tibok of Pampanga

Post Views: 42,441 Have you tried this famous Tibok Tibok Recipe or Rice Pudding from Pampanga. It is creamy and delicious, they call it the Maja Blanca of Pampanga. It resembles the taste of Maja but in Pampanga the authentic recipe uses rice flour. Tibok-tibok is a pudding from Pampanga, traditionally made with carabao’s milk.… Continue reading Tibok-tibok of Pampanga