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Ube Kutsinta

Loading… This Ube Kutsinta is simple but delicious! If you love ube (purple yam) like me, you will love this Filipino delicacy with a twist of new flavor – Ube! Ube Kutsinta INGREDIENTS: 1 1/2 cup water1/2 cup mashed ube (purple yam)1/2 cup brown sugar or add more1 1/2 cup cassava powder 1/4 cup cornstarch… Continue reading Ube Kutsinta

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Loading… Ingredients: KUTCHINTA: 3/4 cup Glutinous Rice Flour 3/4 cup Rice Flour / All purpose flour 2 tsp Lye Water 3/4 cup Brown Sugar 1 cup Water 1 drop Red Liquid food color (OPTIONAL) Cooking Oil for brushing muffin pan or moulder PUTO: 1 cup all-purpose/plain flour, sifted 1 tbsp. baking powder, sifted 1 tbsp.… Continue reading PUTCHINTA (PUTO + KUTCHINTA)

Filipino Native Food · Filipino Recipe · Kakanin

Black Kutchinta (Gotchinta)

Loading… Black Kutchinta is getting noticeable scene in the market of kakanin and everyone is going crazy with black kutchinta a.k.a. “Gotchinta” with Dulce de leche dipping sauce. You can’t help but fall in love with matching budbud garnish. It’s heavenly yummy! To tell you honestly, no one has dared to publicize the secret of an all… Continue reading Black Kutchinta (Gotchinta)