Filipino Native Food · Kakanin

How to make Kutsinta

Loading… Kutsinta is one of my favorite Pinoy delicacies or kakanin. I always buy a pack (6 pcs) of these for breakfast with pancit bihon that you can buy in the neighborhood. This is a classic kutsinta with niyog. Ang sarap nakaka-miss! This recipe is so quick and easy to do! If you can’t find… Continue reading How to make Kutsinta

Filipino Native Food · Filipino Recipe · Kakanin

Squash Kutsinta

Loading… Squash Kutsinta Ingredients: 3/4 c sugar, brown 1 c water 3/4 c all-purpose flour, sifted 3/4 c squash, steamed and mashed 1 tsp lye 1/2 pc coconut, mature, grated Instructions:Melt sugar in water and bring to a boil. Cool. Add all-purpose flour gradually. Add squash and stir until smooth, then strain. Add lye solution.… Continue reading Squash Kutsinta

Filipino Native Food · Filipino Recipe · Kakanin

Black Kutchinta (Gotchinta)

Loading… Black Kutchinta is getting noticeable scene in the market of kakanin and everyone is going crazy with black kutchinta a.k.a. “Gotchinta” with Dulce de leche dipping sauce. You can’t help but fall in love with matching budbud garnish. It’s heavenly yummy! To tell you honestly, no one has dared to publicize the secret of an all… Continue reading Black Kutchinta (Gotchinta)