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Authentic La Paz Batchoy Recipe

Post Views: 93,138 The original and authentic La Paz Batchoy recipe is truly exotic, it has chopped pork liver strips, pork intestines and the noodles are more chewy. What makes it so delicious is the guinamos shrimp paste, crushed chicharon, toasted garlic and the oroma of spring onions.. all flavors are bursting in one bowl… Continue reading Authentic La Paz Batchoy Recipe

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Buko Batchoy

Post Views: 15,038 Buko Batchoy of Iloilo is the new rockstar of Filipino soup, its a batchoy with a twist. This Batchoy inspired soup is served with miki, fresh buko strips, buko juice, pork meat and toasted garlic in fresh cracked coconut Shell/bowl. It’s the number one soup in Iloilo that warms every ilonggo stomach… Continue reading Buko Batchoy