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Mais Con Yelo

Loading… Ingredients: 1 can Sweet Corn cream 1 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream Shaved Ice 1 can Evaporated Milk or fresh milk 1 cup diced sweetened jackfruit/langka (canned or fresh) 1 Tablespoon unsalted Butter 1 Tablespoon brown Sugar 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla extract   Instructions: Heat a small pan and bring it to medium-low heat. Add… Continue reading Mais Con Yelo

Filipino Recipe · Soups · Vegetables

Suam na Mais

Loading… Suam na Mais (Corn Vegetable Soup with Shrimp)– is a healthy Corn soup with vegetables, corn and shrimps. Suam na mais is a simple seafood and vegetable soup for the family. Easy and quick for the busy moms. Suam na Mais (Corn Vegetable Soup with Shrimp) INGREDIENTS: 1 Tbsp. cooking oil 1 tsp. garlic,… Continue reading Suam na Mais