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Minatamis na Kamoteng kahoy, Saging at Sago

Post Views: 66,014 Minatamis na Kamoteng Kahoy, Saging at Sago Ingredients: 2 cups  cassava, cubes (kamoteng kahoy)  1 cup sliced saging na saba 1 cup brown sugar 2 cups water ½ cup langka, strips (alternative flavor pandan leaves) 1 cup sago, cooked Instructions: 1. In small pot, mix sugar and water and stir until diluted.… Continue reading Minatamis na Kamoteng kahoy, Saging at Sago

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Minatamis na Balinghoy (Cassava)

Post Views: 31,426 Minatamis na Balinghoy is a Filipino Native dessert which is made of kamoteng kahoy or also known as balanghoy/ bilanghoy in the provinces and most commonly called in english as “Cassava”. It is a favorite root crop of Filipinos when it comes to native delicacies (kakanin/snack).  The most common recipe we always… Continue reading Minatamis na Balinghoy (Cassava)