Star Bread (Putok)

Loading… Post Views: 99,791 This Star Bread Recipe also known as Putok bread is a favorite afternoon snack in the Philippines. The bread was called as such because of the trademark crack on top, which looks like it has exploded. Others will also call it Pinagong because of the slash in the center of the… Continue reading Star Bread (Putok)

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Monay Bread

Loading… Post Views: 57,150 Bake your own freshly baked Monay Bread. Favorite Filipino bread merienda. It’s milky and best serve when hot with coffee too. Filipino Monay bread is best with any spread like margarine, cheese whiz, cream cheese or even Quezo. Happy baking! Monay Bread Recipe INGREDIENTS: 4 cups bread flour or all purpose… Continue reading Monay Bread