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6 Korean Ramyeon You Shouldn’t Miss Trying

Loading… 6 Korean Ramyeon You Shouldn’t Miss Trying This is the list of 6 Korean ramyeon you shouldn’t miss when you visit any korean store near you or even the major supermarket in your area. We all know, Filipinos loves noodles soup or stir fried noodles. Like any asians, Filipinos are used to eating noodles… Continue reading 6 Korean Ramyeon You Shouldn’t Miss Trying



Loading… Ingredients: 1 cup miki  noodles ¼ pitso ng manok na manipis ang hiwa 2 mushroom 1 dahon ng sibuyas chopped 1 stalk chinese broccoli/kalian 1 egg For the sauce: 1 tbsp bawang na pino 1/4 beef bouillon cube 1/2 tbsp oyster sauce 1/2 tsp chili bean paste 1/2 tsp sesame oil 1/2 tbsp toyo… Continue reading SIZZLING HOT PLATE NOODLES

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Chicken Sotanghon Soup

Loading… Chicken Sotanghon soup or Vermicelli noodles is a favorite Filipino recipe on a cold weather not only because it is so easy and quick to do. Filipino moms also cooks Chicken Sotanghon whenever we are not feeling well too. No wonder, nowadays you can easily buy any instant sotanghon noodles in Lucky Me cups… Continue reading Chicken Sotanghon Soup