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Pancit Luglog

Loading… Pancit Luglog uses thick rice noodles, while all know that Pancit Palabok uses thin rice noodles. But do you know the difference between Pancit Malabon and Pancit Luglog? These noodle dishes have thick rice noodles and have the same shrimp sauce topped with a variety of savory ingredients. So what’s make it distinct to… Continue reading Pancit Luglog

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Quick and Easy Pancit Palabok

Loading… Quick and Easy Palabok Recipe using Mama Sita’s Palabok instant mix. But if you want to cook the sauce from scratch, I also included a simple instructions at the end of this post for you to follow. Happy Cooking!!  Quick and Easy Pancit Palabok INGREDIENTS: 1 package palabok noodles, cooked as per directions on… Continue reading Quick and Easy Pancit Palabok