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Post Views: 28,081 Pastipolvoron de Ube is Pastillas with Polvoron mixture in Ube flavor. It’s yummy and easy to make for the kids. Pastipolvoron is pastillas with polvoron combination, your favorite pinoy candy 2 in 1. Pastipolvoron, pastillas with polvoron twist! I would like to credit the person who created this recipe which I got… Continue reading PASTI POLVORON DE UBE

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Milo Pastillas

Post Views: 34,552 Here’s another version of a delicious milk candy, Milo Pastillas. You can add another variety to your all time favorite pastillas by introducing new flavors. This Milo Pastillas is as creamy as the milk pastillas, we added a hint of chocolate. It’s like real chocolate yummy! Milo Pastillas Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 ½… Continue reading Milo Pastillas