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Pesang Isda with Miso Sauce

Post Views: 13,579 Savor the goodness of fish stewed in ginger broth. Especially, when served with miso sauce on the side. I’m including the recipe for the miso sauce. Pesang Isda with Miso Sauce INGREDIENTS: 2 medium-sized fresh fish (dalag, lapu-lapu, carpa or apahap), cleaned and cut into pieces3 cups rice washing (hugas bigas)2 tablespoons… Continue reading Pesang Isda with Miso Sauce

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Pesang Dalag

Post Views: 18,822 Pesang Dalag is another Kapampangan delicacy that you shouldn’t missed. In english it is called Stewed Mudfish. Easy and quick to cook! Pesang Dalag Recipe INGREDIENTS: 1 kilo dalag/mudfish Water or Hugas bigas 200g sibuyas 100g luya, hiniwang manipis 3 piraso siling berde Pamintang buo 2 medium patatas 50g repolyo 50g pechay… Continue reading Pesang Dalag