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Post Views: 12,451 Pinais is a native delicacy of Cavinti, Laguna cooked with finely chopped freshwater shrimps, garlic, onion, coconut meat and salt. Then wrapped tightly in banana leaves and simmered for almost 2 hours in coconut water and coconut milk until it liquid dries up and pot (palayok) becomes oily and aromatic. Paborito ng… Continue reading PINAIS OF LAGUNA

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Pinais na Hipon Recipe

Post Views: 14,269 Pinais na Hipon is said to be a native delicacy of Quezon province and also claimed in Laguna. It is made fresh water shrimps, garlic onion, coconut meat and salt. Wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in coconut water for 2 hours. So yummy, it is something you can eat almost everyday!… Continue reading Pinais na Hipon Recipe