Pinangat na Ayungin sa Kamias at Kamatis

Post Views: 37,894 Ingredients: 1.5 kg fresh Ayungin (always available in Marikina wetmarket) 200 grams kamias (bilimbi) 150 grams diced tomatoes 1 medium size onion diced 1 bunch of mustasa (green mustard leaves) 3 long green chili Instructions: In a saucepan, boil 3 cups of water add the kamias, tomatoes and onion, simmer for 5… Continue reading Pinangat na Ayungin sa Kamias at Kamatis

Filipino Recipe · Fish · Seafood

Pinangat na Hiwas (Pangat na Isda)

Post Views: 25,904 Simple Pinangat na Hiwas sa sampaloc Recipe! This Pinangat na Isda taste so fresh and “hindi malansa” if you follow the recipe below. You may also add siling labuyo or red chili peppers to add some kick of spice! Aside from sampaloc, you may also use calamansi and or kamias too to… Continue reading Pinangat na Hiwas (Pangat na Isda)