Homemade Ham and Vegetable Pizza

Loading… Post Views: 9,396 This homemade ham and vegetable pizza will impress your friends and family. It’s like a garden vegetable pizza. With colorful bell peppers, tomatoes, ham, cheese and lotsa lotsa cheese! Who can resist a slice of these homemade ham and vegetable pizza? Let’s go ahead and bake this pizza today. Happy baking!… Continue reading Homemade Ham and Vegetable Pizza

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Pizza Pasta Bake 

Loading… Post Views: 13,200 This Pizza Pasta Bake is simply delish because of the mild add on flavor of the Italian sausage. Alternatively, you can use any of your favorite sausage or even the Filipino style Langgonisa. So yummy when added on a baked pasta with ground beef. Pizza Pasta Bake  Ingredients:  12 oz uncooked… Continue reading Pizza Pasta Bake