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Puto Bumbong Recipe with Bamboo Steamer

Post Views: 4,099 THE ORIGIN OF PUTO BUMBONG  Did you know that Puto Bumbong originated from an Indian (Tamil-speaking) community in Malaysia. In Malaysia they call it “Putu bambu“, and it is cooked using white sticky rice. The word “PUTU” comes from the Tamil word “PUTTU” which means “PORTION“. These Tamil speaking people came from… Continue reading Puto Bumbong Recipe with Bamboo Steamer

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Puto Bumbong (without Bamboo)

Post Views: 118,933 Even without the traditional puto bumbong cooking equipment, we can still cook this favorite holiday delicacy. Finally, you can make one at home when you’re craving. It’s easy, quick and delicious! Gotta try it soon. The newest version or twist is the condense milk toppings with lots of grated cheese! They call… Continue reading Puto Bumbong (without Bamboo)