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Post Views: 84,675 Our Sansrival Recipe is a delicious dessert made from layers of rich meringue layers, silky buttercream and chopped toasted cashew nuts. This is heavenly melting in your mouth with a kick of crunchiness. Enjoy! (Updated recipe Nov 15, 2020). But if you want it more modern.. using crushed graham is also good..… Continue reading Sansrival

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Silvanas Recipe

Post Views: 69,029 Sylvanas or Silvana is a cashew meringue wafer. It is a classic favorite of many pinoy. Though it is mispelled most of the time. Like, Sylvanas or silvanna. I became curious too, what might be the exact correct spelling? So I checked Wikipedia. A silvana is a Filipino dessert. It is a… Continue reading Silvanas Recipe