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Post Views: 45,088 SINIGANG NA ULO NG SALMON SA MISO -Fish heads used to be a throw away food in the Western part of the world. Thanks to the persistence of Asians who prize this part of the fish for its healthy, gelatinous, collagen-rich, fatty meat, that is packed with essential Omega-3 fish oils. Cooking… Continue reading SINIGANG NA ULO NG SALMON SA MISO

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Sinigang na Hipon

Post Views: 114,984 How sour do you want your Sinigang na Hipon? For some who doesn’t prefer to use Sinigang Mix, you can cook Sinigang without Sinigang mix. Make your own fresh souring agent like Calamansi or cook with lots of tomatoes and a thumb of ginger. We all know ideally, the traditional way of cooking… Continue reading Sinigang na Hipon