Filipino Recipe · Kinilaw/Ceviche · Lutong Bahay (Tagalog Version)


Loading… Sinuglaw Recipe is tuna kilawin (ceviche) with strips of grilled pork liempo (pork liempo), cucumber, onions and lots of chili pepper for a spicy kick. Sinuglaw is a visayan coined word from Sinugba or inihaw in tagalog and grilled in english. While, Kinilaw means Ceviche or raw meat soaked in vinegar. These 2 words… Continue reading SINUGLAW RECIPE

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Sinugba/Inihaw na Maya Maya

Loading… Grilled Red Snapper Ilonggo Style, Sinugba style ng mga Ilonggo, how to make delicious grilled red snapper and how Illongo’s make it so special in recipe. Learn more! Sinugba/Inihaw na Maya Maya Ingredients: 1 large Maya-Maya (Red Snapper) 1 bundle lemongrass (Tanglad), thin slice Salt Pepper ¼ cup Sesame oil Instructions: Heat grill to medium… Continue reading Sinugba/Inihaw na Maya Maya