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Loading… So when was the last time you tasted Suman Pinipig with buko and latik? These Suman Pinipig is another Bulacan’s delicacy. One of the famous seller of this delicious suman pinipig recipe is Rosalie’s. No need to travel to Bulacan just to order your cravings because you can make one at home. This is… Continue reading SUMAN PINIPIG WITH BUKO AND LATIK

Filipino Native Food · Kakanin · Lutong Bahay (Tagalog Version)


Loading… (ang tawag po namin sa bisaya,.di ko po alam kung ano tawag nito sa tagalog) Mga sangkap: 1 kilo. bigas na malagkit na tapol (violet) 1kilo. bigas na malagkit puti Gata ng niyog ( approx.3 or 4 whole coconut) depende po sa ilang kilo ang lulutuin,.pero mas maganda madaming niyog para hindi agad madaling… Continue reading SUMAN TINAMBID SA MALAGKIT

Filipino Native Food · Kakanin

Suman na Kamoteng Kahoy

Loading… (Linapet sa Ilokano) Ingredients: 2 cups grated cassava 1 cup coconut 1 1/2 cup sugar Banana leaves Instructions: 1. Wilt the banana leaves and pass it over the stove on both side, to make it easy to fold. 2. In medium bowl, combine grated cassava, grated coconut and sugar, until well combined. 3. Lay… Continue reading Suman na Kamoteng Kahoy

Filipino Native Food · Filipino Recipe · Kakanin

KURUKOD (Cassava Suman with Coconut Filling)

Loading… KURUKOD OF EASTERN SAMAR (CASSAVA SUMAN WITH COCONUT FILLING) INGREDIENTS: For the coconut filling: 1 cup grated coconut (mura na niyog) 1/2 cup brown sugar For the suman: 1 kg fresh cassava or kamoteng kahoy 3/4 cup brown sugar banana leaves, wilted 1 tsp vanilla (optional) Cooking Equipments needed: Pan Pot Grater INSTRUCTIONS: How… Continue reading KURUKOD (Cassava Suman with Coconut Filling)

Filipino Native Food · Filipino Recipe · Kakanin

Cassava Sinuman

Loading… This Cassava Sinuman and for some they call it locally as Alupi. This native kakanin is so delicious with young coconut strips or even langka strips. I miss eating this specially when its freshly steamed. Scrumptious and easy to make! Suman Cassava INGREDIENTS: 3 cups grated cassava(raw) 3/4 cup brown sugar 1/4 cup thick… Continue reading Cassava Sinuman

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Suman Malagkit (BUDBUD)

Loading… Ingredients: 2 cups glutinous rice 1 tsp. salt 1/4 cup sugar 2 cups fresh or canned coconut milk banana leaves cut into 7′ x 10″   Note: for Visayan Budbud just add 1 tspn grated ginger to coconut milk mixture) Instructions: Wash malagkit thoroughly and soak with water for 30 minutes to an hour.… Continue reading Suman Malagkit (BUDBUD)