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Sweet and Sour Chicken (Chowking Style)

Post Views: 52,594 This Sweet and Sour Chicken (Chowking Style) is just like what you order from your favorite chinese restaurant. Although their version is with pork and fish. This recipe comes with Chicken fillet and can easily interchange with any meat available. It’s pretty much the same with Pork or fish. It was not my… Continue reading Sweet and Sour Chicken (Chowking Style)

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Garlic Chicken Fillet

Post Views: 24,867 Garlic Chicken Fillet INGREDIENTS: ½ kilo chicken fillet cut into   strips 1 can of button mushroom 3 kutsarang toyo 1 kutsarang oyster sauce ½ kutsaritang pamintang durog 1 kutsarang hiniwang sibuyas 10 piraso ng hiniwang bawang 2 kutsarang mantekilya 3 kutsarang  mantika ¼ tasa ng onion leeks INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Marinate ang… Continue reading Garlic Chicken Fillet