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Callos Recipe

Post Views: 21,599 Callos is a traditional Madrid beef trife stew (Callos Madrileños),  which we acquired during the spanish colonization in our country. This colorful and tasty recipe is a traditional Spanish-Filipino Dish. It is called Callos because “callos” in spanish is ox tripe which is the main ingredient of this recipe.  This dish is… Continue reading Callos Recipe

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Filipino Callos

Post Views: 40,889 Filipino Callos or Ox Tripe Stew is a Spanish inspired recipe with ox tripe, chorizo, chick peas or garbanzos, bell peppers, green olives in rich red tomato sauce. Just to add more flare you may also put a little white wine and some red hot chili peppers to boost the flavor and… Continue reading Filipino Callos