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Ube Velvet Cheesecake

Post Views: 24,120 This Ube velvet cheesecake is the queen of all ube. Ube lovers rejoice! Because these cheesecakes are creamy sweet and velvety with a slight hint of of sour cream from all the bursting flavours. It will melt in your mouth.. Everyone will be delighted to taste it over and over again. These… Continue reading Ube Velvet Cheesecake

Cake, Bread and Pastries

Ube Macapuno Cake

Post Views: 59,182 Ube Macapuno Cake for every UBE-lover out there. Super moist and light, extremely tempting! One of the most delicious flavoured cake in the Philippines. My favorite! Ube Macapuno Cake INGREDIENTS: 2 ½ cups cake flour 3 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup ube jam 3/4 cup milk 7 egg yolks,… Continue reading Ube Macapuno Cake

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Floating Island Recipe (Filipino Style)

Post Views: 186,312 Floating Island (Filipino Style) is a layer of leche flan, purple yam and topped with meringue frosting like Brazo de Mercedes. This is an ultimate 3 in 1 dessert! Floating Island Recipe (Filipino Style) 1. Make Ube Halaya INGREDIENTS: 1 kilo uncooked purple yam or ube, boiled and mashed (1 kilo =… Continue reading Floating Island Recipe (Filipino Style)