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PORK DE PICKLES (Menudo ng Marikina)

Post Views: 549,921 Pork de pickles or otherwise known sa “Waknatoy ng Marikina” is a delicious Menudo Recipe. It is a pork stewed in tomato sauce and pickles. You can imagine the flavors of tomatoes, liver, chorizo and tangy sweet flavor of pickles bursting in your mouth in one taste. That is why this Pork… Continue reading PORK DE PICKLES (Menudo ng Marikina)

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Post Views: 92,139 This Everlasting ng Marikina (Traditional Recipe) is how the old locals of Marikina will cook an authentic Everlasting recipe just like “Mama Tings” Everlasting. When I searched google, there are like a gazillion of version. To be honest, they got the ingredients correctly but their process is far from what Lola Ave… Continue reading EVERLASTING NG MARIKINA